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Agfa's Corporate Site -- The Agfa-Gevaert Group
Agfa Photography from Agfa-Gevaert AG
Altman Stage Lighting Company, Inc.
American Recorder Technologies, Inc. cleaning products
Apcam -- aftermarket motor drives for Hasselblad Cameras
Aquatica (Aqua Vision Systems Inc.) underwater housings and accessories. 
Arion multimedia presentation products and software, including slide-show dissolve units. 
Aristo Grid Lamp Products, Inc.
Avenger Grip Equipment

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B+W Filters
Beattie Intenscreens by Fresnel Optics, inc.
Benbo tripods 
Bencher -- copystands and tripods
Benetton bags & cases
Berrger black & white photo products 
BesFile Archival Storage
BestBuy Lens buying guide a nice lens guide recommended by Kelsey.
Bestwell Optical precision made grain and image focusers
Billingham bags and accessories
BKA Group, selling Marshall Coloring supplies, Bowens Monolights, SP/Excalibur Studio Lighting, GraLab Timers, Novoflex, Stratos/Siegelite Flash Brackets, & Heico Chemicals.
Black Cat Photo Products
Bogen Photo Corp., including: 

Avenger Grip Equipment
Bogen light stands
Bogen photo and video tripods
Copy stands and camera stands
Gitzo tripods or (Gitzo's Home Page)
Gossen or the Gossen Home page (in German & English)
Lightform Panels
Metz Flash
Reflecta projectors
Sto-Fen, Studio Rail System, File pages, etc.
the Bogen/Manfrotto Cross Reference Tables

Bonica Underwater cameras & accessories
Bowens International
Braun Photo Technik in German or English
Braun Photo Technik's USA importer
Bronica (division of Tamron)
Broncolor Lighting division of SinarBron
Broncolor's web site

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Cachet Paper Fine Art Photographic Papers
Camera Essentials, manufacturers of Harrison Film Changing Tents, Changing Bags, Ditty Bags, etc.
Canon Asia
Canon Canada in English or Francais
Canon Europa
Canon Malaysia
Canon USA
Canon, their parent company.(in English)
Century Plastics from 20th Century Direct. Storage and display products.
Chimera Light Banks and accessories
ClearFile presentation and storage products 
Clear Sight lens cleaner
Cokin Filters
Cokin's USA distributor
Colorstar C.V. manufacturers of Colorstar and Varimatic analyzers; distributed in the USA by Omega
Contax Cameras
Contax UK SLR page and Contax UK T- and G- series
Copal lens shutters
Cosina in English or their Japanese site
Cullman Tripods

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Da-Lite Projection Screens and accessories
Davis & Sanford tripods
Dev-Tec darkroom accessories
Domke camera bags, PhoTOGS clothing and accessories. 
Doran darkroom products and photographic accessories
Dot Line Corp., distributor of photographic accessories.

DPreview great all round resource for photographers
Draper Screens and projection accessories  or, their newer site
Duracell Batteries
Durst products on Jobo's website
Durst UK
DustGun 100

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Edwal Photographic Products
Elmo projectors and presentation products
Energizer Batteries 
Ewa-Marine housings and capes or their USA distributor

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f.64 bags and cases
Falcon Safety Products, Inc.
Fiberbilt Cases
The Flarebuster by Gran-View
Flexfill collapsible reflectors
Foba Studio Accessories, division of SinarBron
Forte Film and Paper
Fuji Film Worldwide
Fuji Film USA


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Gagne, Inc., manufacturers of Porta-trace 
GAMProducts special effects lighting equipment 
Gepe Slide Mounts and accessories
Giottos stands, tripods, & frames.
GlobalTec's Transformer converts light stands to booms 
Goko's Macromax Cameras in Japanese, or English
Gossen Meters, English or German 
Gvtschmann Diaprojektoren medium format projectors (in German); or Mamiya,their USA distributor.
Graf Studioball ballheads 
GraLab Timers
Gripwear clothing & accessories

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Hakuba USA Accessories, Aluminum Cases, Light Boxes, Loupes etc.
Halliburton aluminum travel cases 
Harrison Film Changing Tents and Ditty bags from Camera Essentials
Hasselblad, or Hasselblad
Hasselblad USA
Hasselblad's Xpan 35mm dual format camera
Heico Chemicals
Heiland densitometers
Heliopan Filters (in English)
Heliopan GmbH
HiTech Filters, or their American distributor
Horizon Loupes
Horseman USA
Hove (Magic Lantern) books 
Hoya Filters, division of THK, Inc.

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Ilford in English. Other languages linked from here also.
Ikelite Underwater Systems

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Jericho Products

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K5600, Inc. HMI LIghting
Kaiser copy stands, ball heads, etc.
Kaiser Fototechnik in English or German
Kart-A-Bag by Remin
Kata Bags or their worldwide distributor
Kenko/Tokina/Daiwa in Japanese 
Kenwood ProTalk and FreeTalk Radios 
Kindermann Projectors (in German),or English or French
Kinetronics Corp. Anti-Static Film Cleaners and Brushes
Kipling Bags and Cases
Kirk Enterprises
Kodak, their Photo Section, and their Professional Section.
Konica USA
Konica, in English
Kyocera, manufacturer of Contax & Yashica

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Larson Photographic Lighting
Lastolite accessories for photographers, photographic studios and film sets.
Leatherman Tools
Lee Filters
Leland Ltd., Inc., enviornmentally friendly cleaning products.
Lensless Camera Mfg. Co. wooden sheet film pinhole cameras.
Lens Pen optical cleaning devices
Libertycruise Vacation and Travel Photography
Lindahl Specialities, Inc.
Linhof (at HP Marketing's site)
Logan Electric light boxes, slide files,slide sorters, etc.
Logan Graphic mats and mat cutters
Lowel-Light Mfg, Inc. Light systems, light controls, and accessories. 
LPA Design, maker of Pocket Wizard, Flash Wizard, and other remote trigger devices.
LTM Pepper and HMI - lighting 
LumiQuest Photographic Accessories
Luminos Photo Corp.

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Mack Camera & Video Services extended and 'Ultimate' warranty coverage
Macromax Cameras from Goko, in Japanese or English
Magic Lantern (Hove) books
Magnabrite Loupes
Majestic Tripods
Mamiya America
Mamiya UK
Manfrotto in Italian
Manfrotto's Internat'l Site (in English), including professional tripods, light stands and accessories, & IFF professional studio equipment.
Marshall's Photo Coloring
Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc.
Metz Strobes The Mecablitz site is in German or English
Minolta Canada
Minolta USA
Minolta Europe English version
Minox Cameras
Mole-Richardson lighting 
Motorola Two-Way Radios and Pro models
M-Rock Multi Bags
Multiblitz studio flash
Multi-Carts from Music Industries
Murray Clarke 
large and well categorised list of photography magazines

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Newton Camera Brackets
Nielsen & Bainbridge picture framing products.
Nikon Photo Sites:
Nikon Imaging Company
Nikon Photo Products Division
Nikon Avenue Nikon world web site links
The Nikon World
Nikon UK
Nikon USA Photo Products
Nikon GmbH
Nikon's Australia distributor, Maxwell
Nikon Canada's Photo Section
Nikon AG

Noblex in English or German
Noblex's Canadian distributor
Noblex's USA distributor
Norman Flash, a subsidiary of Photo Control Corporation
Nova darkroom products
Novatron Professional Lighting Equipment 
Novoflex in German or English
NPC Corporation, makers of Polaroid proofing backs for most camera systems.
NSI Corporation lighting

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Olympus America
Olympus Optical Co. (Europa) Gmbh
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. in English. Japanese also available.
Op/Tech USA straps, cases, etc. 
Opti-flex Filters
Oriental Photo USA
Ortlieb USA waterproof camera bags, and, their parent company.
OutPack backpacks, daypacks, waistpacks and accessories.

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Palm Handhelds
Panodia presentation products 
Paramount Sync Cords
Paterson darkroom tanks trays and accessories. 
Pelican Products -- lights and cases.
Pentax Worldwide links to subsidiaries everywhere.
Pentax Europe
Pentax GmbH, in German 
Pentax USA
Pentax World in Japanese, from Asahi Optical Co., Ltd.
Photogenic Professional Lighting
Photographic Solutions, Inc. Cleaning products for digital and photographic applications (including PEC-12).
Photographers' Formulary
PIC Light Stands
Pilot Pens UK and Pilot USA
Pinhole Camera from Beseler 
Pioneer Photo Albums, Inc.
Pioneer Research
Plume Ltd.
Polaris & Shepherd flash and exposure meters. 
Polaroid and the OEM Group
Porta-Trace light boxes, etc. 
Porter Case
Prat Bags & Cases
Premier paper trimmers and darkroom accessories
Print File

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Quantum Instruments

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RedWing Lighting Products
Reeds Lighting Tools
Reflecta projectors or their German home page
Remin Kart-A-Bag
Ricoh Corporation
Ricoh USA
Rimowa Cases in English or the parent company's German site
Rodenstock GmbH
Rodenstock Precision Optics, Inc. Lenses & Precision Optical Components
Rodenstock Prdzisionsoptik GmbH
Rockland Darkroom Products
Rollei fototechnic in German or English.
ROR -- Residual Oil Remover 
RotaTrim paper trimmers. 
RuXXac Carts

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Sachtler Under construction when last we looked.
Sailwind Photo Systems
Samsung's Korean Site in English
Saunders, including:

Cable Network cable releases.
Domke camera bags, PhoTOGS clothing and accessories.
Kipling Bags and Cases
Magnabrite magnifiers.
OutPack backpacks, daypacks, waistpacks and accessories.
Paterson darkroom tanks trays and accessories.
Polaris & Shepherd flash and exposure meters.
RotaTrim paper trimmers.
Saunders Easels
Saunders/LPL medium-format and 4x5 enlargers.
Kodak & Silver Pixel Press photographic instructional books.
Stroboframe professional flash brackets.
Vue-All Archival storage pages and supplies.
Wein Products remote-control products.
Zing Designs neoprene covers and straps.

Savage Universal Corporation
Schneider Optics a subsidiary of Schneider-Kreuznach.
Sea and Sea Underwater Photography USA
Seagull TLR cameras
Seal darkroom and print finishing products.
Sekonic exposure meters.
Sea Life ReefMaster Dive cameras (and their FAQ)
The Shell Flash Reflector
Shepherd Electronic Flash and Exposure Meters
Sigma Corporation of America: Cameras, Flashes, Lenses
Sigma of France
Sigma of Japan
Silver Pixel Press photographic instructional books. 
Sima Photo Products, including FilmShield, CapKeeper, etc.
Sinar AG
Sinar Bron
Singh-Ray Filters
Sirostar slide viewer
SlideScribe slide captioning software and labels, products for archival storage, etc. 
Slik tripods and accessories, and Slik USA (a division of ToCAD).
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, Inc.
SP/Excalibur Studio Lighting
Sprint Photochemicals
Sto-Fen bounce flash accessories
Strato studio accessories from J.P. Graf 
Stratos Flash Brackets from Siegelite
Stroboframe professional flash brackets. 
Studioball ballheads from J.P. Graf
Studio Dynamics Backdrops
SunDog bags, cases, and accessories
Sun Star Strobo
Swiss-Tech Tools

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Tamrac Bags and cases
Tamron Industries, USA
Tamron Japan, in English (Japanese also available here).
Tamron (UK) Ltd.
Telex Projectors
Tenba Home Page, and their Photography Bags
Testrite copy stands, photo, lighting, & darkroom equipment
Tetenal chemistry
3M Overhead Projectors
Tiffen Filters
Tokina at THK Photo Products, Inc.
Toyo Cameras

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Ushio specialty lamps

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Vanguard bags, tripods, cases
Velbon Tripods
Versalab Parallel laser beam alignment for enlargers or copystands
Videoptics Video film viewers and proofing systems
Visatec lighting
Visual Departures distributes Hitech and Optiflex Filters, Dedolight, Rosco, and manufactures Flexfill Reflectors, Steadybag, Gelly\par Roll, and many more.
Voigtldnder in English or Japanese
Vue-All Archival storage pages and supplies. 

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Wesco Industrial Products manufacturer of the Superlite and Cobra folding hand trucks 
Wimberley Tripod Heads
Wisner Classic Manufacturing Co.
Won Backgrounds
World Richman Mfg. Corp. leather bags & cases.

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Yankee darkroom accessories
Yashica, Division of Kyocera

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Zeiss, Carl
Zero Halliburton Cases
Zero Halliburton
Zing Designs

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Usenet Newsgroups

Please read the Charters before posting.
The Resource Guide

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Publications and Organizations

Alpa Cameras
Advertising Photographers of America
The American Museum of Photography
American Society of Media Photographers
American Society of Picture Professionals
The Daguerreian Society
Evidence Photographers International Council, Inc.
The Guild of Wedding Photographers (UK)
International Association of Panoramic Photographers
International Center of Photography
International Industrial Photographers Association
Leica Historical Society of America
Lomographic Society International
The National Association of Black Journalists
National Association of Freelance Photographers (NAFP)
National Press Photographers Association and their Northern Short Course in Photojournalism
The Nikon Historical Society
North American Nature Photographers Assoc.
The Ophthalmic Photographers' Society
The PhotoImaging Information Council
Photo Marketing Association
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Photographic Society of America and their Big List of links & resources.
Professional Aerial Photographers Association
The Professional Photographers of America
The Royal Photographic Society
Senior Photographers International
The Society for Photographic Education
Wedding & Event Videographers Association International
Wedding and Portrait Photographers International
White House News Photographers' Association
The World Council of Professional Photographers

E-Zine's list of photography magazines
Yahoo's List of Photo Magazines
The ACE Reading Room

AG Editions Publications and Services Dedicated to the Editorial Photographer and Photo Buyer.
Apogee Photo Magazine
Better Photography
The British Journal of Photography
Camera Arts
Chasseur d'Images in French
DoubleTake Magazine published by the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
EOS Magazine
F32 - The Online Photography Magazine
FOTO IMAGEN Magazine in (Spanish)
Infoto Magazine
Journal E
LensWork Quarterly
Medium Format Digest
Nikon Magazine
Nikon World Magazine
Nordic Camera
Outdoor & Nature Photography
Outdoor Photographer
Photo in French
Photo District News
Photo Life
Photo Industry Reporter
Photo Magazine in English or Svenska from Scandinavia
Photo Resource
Photo Safaris
Photo Techniques
Professional Photographer, the publication of the PPofA
Rangefinder Magazine
Shutterbug Magazine
Studio Photography & Design
View Camera

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An arbitrary list of useful sites and people. Most of these are either resources for equipment & technical information, or provide links to additional places worth a visit.

A word about FAQs: I deliberately didn't build a list of FAQs either for equipment or for techniques. There are simply too many individual web sites. Among the sites I listed below are several with links to FAQs. Please use the links here to explore and build your own list of useful URLs. If you need a FAQ, I'd suggest you look first at:

Bo-Ming Tong's site,
John Wall's Guide to FAQs, or
Bengt's Photo Page, an excellent resource which contains a link to Photo FAQs and Documents.

Among the best online resources, mail lists specialize in one brand or one photographic discipline. For a selection, try ListQuest.

Astrophotography -- for those wishing to photograph astros
Black and White Art Zone by Elias Eliadis. A Site Dedicated to Black & White Photography.
Black & White World is maintained by Mason Resnick.
Blimpography photography with remote controled tethered blimps
Editorial Photographers an international discussion group for photographers who earn at least part of their income in the editorial market.
Exposure - A Beginners Guide to Photography
FotoFusion workshops, seminars, etc.
PhotoSource including the The Massive B/W Film & Dev Chart and other very useful darkroom information
Camera Manuals Available Online
CompuServe -- their Photo Forums and technical support forums are a valuable tool.
Fotophile, including an extenlsive links section
Large Format Photography
Photo Net.from Phil Greenspun -- Phil, by the way, is an excellent resource for web site construction and html, in addition to his contributions to the on-line photo community.
Electronic Flash Information
Fastlens PhotoPage -- simply a HUGE list of links.
Leslie O'Shaughnessy's Resource List includes quite a list of links, a sunrise-sunset caclulator, and a link to the Photographic Mail Order Survey.
The Land List -- A Polaroid Resource
The Maine Photographic Workshops
Medium Format Library
MSN's Web Communities/Photography
Photographers' News Network
PhotoForum, an email based photo-imaging education and professional practice discussion list. You should also visit their List of Photo Web Pages.
PhotoLinks Gallery, classifieds, lots of links to other resources.
Photo links from Philippe Wiget
Photo News Network geared to professional corporate/industrial photographers
The Photo Page Lots of links!
PhotoSecrets specializing in travel. Good links page, too.
PhotoServe, a gallery for professional photographers...
PhotoTalk OnLine
PhotoZone by Klaus Schroiff; camera & lens comparisons and tests and a good collection of links.There's also a USA mirror site.
S.K. Grimes Services for the Large Format Photographer
Two-element close up diopters online
WJ's Photo Homepage features links to infra-red resources, FAQs, and other useful tidbits.
Workshops and schools from ShawGuides
The Zone System

Sites devoted to one photographer:
Randal Brister's Action Sports Site
Gary Gladstone former Life Magazine photographer specializes in corporate/industrial photography
George Lepp's Nature/Outdoor Photography Site
Frank Viola's Photo Visions specializing in underwater photography
Monte Zucker's Home Page

Sites devoted to one brand:
Bronica Classic Medium Format Cameras
Canon Links at Techphoto -- possibly THE list of Canon links
Canon FD Pages
Canon FD Documentation information & operator's manuals online.
Canon FD Lens Info
Canon EOS Club
Canon EOS links including a bar-code generator
Canon products online
Canon Professional Services from Canon Europa
Canon EOS mailing list
The Contax G User Page
The Contax G Pages
Contax SLR Mailing List
Contax SLR Page
Hasselbald Resource Page
Leica Users' Group and related Leica Links
Minolta SLRs
The Minolta System
Minolta Users' Group
Nikon Lens History
Neal's Nikon Links - quite a few here.
Nikon Links collected by Walter Pietsch. The most useful Nikon site I've found. A must bookmark site for any Nikon enthusiast.
Nikon Links from By Michael McLennan. Also a tremendous selection.
Nikon Links from Don Ferrario
Nikon F and F2 info and a Nikon F FAQ
Nikon FAQ
Nikon N90s/F90x page
Nikon F3 FAQ
Nikon F4 FAQ
Nikon Resources from Michael C Liu
Nikon lens stuff -- David Ruether's and Grover Larkins' Subjective Evaluations of Nikon Lenses
Nikon Manual Focus (NikonMF) Mailing List
Nikon Repair Shops
Olympus document archives
Olympus OM SLR Equipment Guide
Olympus OM Zuiko Lens Page
Olympus Links
Pentax FAQ
Pentax K-Mount Equipment
Pentax LX
Polaroid Land Cameras
Rollei's old site
Yashica/Contax links.

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